Origami-Inspired Seating Capsule

Origami-Inspired Seating Capsule
Art & Design
Feb 2023

The contemporary design and architecture world have been quite taken with the promises of origami-inspired design. Many practices have been discovering the functional and aesthetic potentials of this approach and have been launching interesting projects--some for the consumer market, others as concepts to marvel at. Most recently, Ames Living channeled origami-inspired design in a seating collection called Coco. The capsule actually pays homage to comecocos which is "an origami-folded game that typically tells your fortune as the end result."
To match the whimsical playfulness of the inspiration, Ames Living used a vibrant color palette. The seating collection includes various silhouettes such as armchairs and footstools. The brand employed master artisans in Columbia who were engaged in handwaving the origami-inspired chair designs.
Image Credit: angelsegurafoto