Kanwar Dhillon aka Shiva is BASKING in the JOY as Pandya Store completed 600 episodes

 Kanwar Dhillon aka Shiva is BASKING in the JOY as Pandya Store completed 600 episodes
Aug 2022

MUMBAI : Pandya Store has managed to create a place in the hearts of the audience with its relatable plot and honest to heart characters. The show has been giving a packaged dose of drama, romance and action ever since it began. The audience finds the characters' imperfections and stories relatable.
Pandya Store has managed to grab the attention of the masses with its heartfelt and emotional plot that surrounds the Pandya family.
Our viewers also want to know what goes on behind the scenes on their favorite shows and gather some tidbits about their favorite TV star's life.
Pandya Store recently completed its run of 600 episodes and seems like the cast and crew had a grand celebration about the same.
While many shows start and fizzle out quickly, Pandya Store has managed to stick by its heartfelt content and the actors are working diligently to remain true to the show's element.
The entire cast was super happy with this great achievement however, Kanwar aka Shiva seemed the most in his element here with this big milestone and celebrated to the core of his heart.
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We are sure you'll want to keep seeing the journey of the Pandya Parivaar and will keep showering your love on them!
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Meanwhile in Pandya Store, Suman wants Dhara and Raavi to come back and expresses her remorse over the past and asks them to step into the house. While Dhara is convinced and comes inside, Raavi remains in her place.
Raavi hasn't forgotten her humiliation and the mistrust that the family bestowed upon her. She gives up the baby in her hand but declares that she won't be holding any bond with the Pandya family anymore. Shiva runs after Raavi in an attempt to stop her.
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