Everything to Know About Wedding-Day Fireworks

Everything to Know About Wedding-Day Fireworks
Jul 2022

Want to take your wedding from the best day ever to the BEST DAY EVER? Consider having a fireworks display after your ceremony or reception! Wedding day fireworks have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with couples choosing to do everything from a simple sparkler send-off to a full-on 4th of July-style spectacular.
If you're considering wedding day fireworks display, there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Keep reading to see our expert advice on wedding day celebrations.

1. Research state and local laws.
Most states allow the use of small wedding sparklers, but there are strict laws governing when and where large fireworks can be displayed. Be sure to check out the state rules and city bylaws that will affect your use of sparklers or fireworks. Your wedding planner or venue coordinator can usually help figure out whether or not a fireworks display is even in the realm of possibility.
2. Consider cost.
?>Having a wedding-day fireworks display is certainly unforgettable, but it can be a very big-ticket item. If you're considering a large fireworks display be prepared to spend up to $5,000 or more on a 5-10 minute show. We recommend hiring a professional to display and clean up the fireworks if you're planning a 4th of July-style display. For alternative cost-effective options for fireworks, see our recommended product picks below.
3. Consider your location.
If you're getting married in a cabin in the woods, a fireworks display is probably not the safest idea. Large displays are best in open areas, such as golf courses, grassy clearings, or over lakes.

Everything to Know About Wedding-Day Fireworks

4. Get permits and insurance.
Even if your state allows certain fireworks, you may still have to apply for a permit to display them. Fireworks companies often have the most up-to-date information on permitting, so do some calling around and find out how to apply. Note: you may also have to apply for insurance before obtaining a permit.
5. Don't rule out other options.
Wedding sparklers are a nice alternative to a big fireworks display, but there are a couple of other options to consider. If you're marrying on Independence Day, take advantage of a local fireworks display and include it in your reception timeline. If you're not marrying on a holiday, consider lighting beautiful lanterns that will drift up into the sky (but be sure to tether them -- loose lanterns are terrible for Mother Earth!) or fill your reception space with candles.
Still dig the idea of big-day fireworks? Browse below for some inspiration!

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